Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Let that is like this,what does flipping means,can be described as the old traditional way of real visual estate of buying and selling for profits.why in the internet world as bring to the buying and selling of domain name for profits,here will talk about domain name (expired domain name)
Before buying expired domain name,you must know that,you first review the domain name,know what position that is it in Alexa ranking, the age of the domain name,the Google page index of the domain name,the inbound links and the outbound links that it have.the level of the traffic it have,then you must know it must have search engine friendly name...
STEP UP WEBSITE:With the level of traffic coming in from the expired domain name that you pick,you can profits from it by setting up websites on it and promotes product from it or you can monetized it with adverts on you site..because it have traffic source which is coming in with permanent link on it you can monetized it with Google adsense or text links ads or adbrite or kontera and you can used it to promotes affiliate product from amazon,clickbank or commission junction or is very easy to make money online,unless you know the tricks buy getting expired domain name you can make like $1500 monthly without doing hustler jobs.
PARKED: You can make money from the expired domain name that you pick,by you used it on parking domain sites..parking can descried as websites that did not have any articles content on will all have full of advertisement on it.the parking company will hosted it and place adverts on the domain name with the level of targeted traffic coming from the permanent links sources of the traffic will bring profits for you.send them to some parked company to monetized them for profits.
This the another way to make money from expired domains is for you to get them and turn it for profits by selling them to another buyer.
You can buy domain name in hand and wait a litter longer to find market for it,because another buyer will come as you have come before bescause is a real internet visual for you parking it or you step site on it or you can profits form it too by selling it back for another buyer.....expired domain name here

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