Thursday, 3 November 2011


Many people  have be trying how to get the best and the most reliable money make money internest giant company ( google adsense) account, even it take days to get approved and in involve an uniquet rich content site.moreso, with just litter steps. I’ll tell you the best and reliable sorce and simple way to get an adsense account in this post, 100% real and just 1 or 2 days waiting.

                Tricks for adsense account in 2 days, what’s the fastest way?

 first step, you can go  google’s own blog which is and register an account.

3nd,pick low competitive keyword so that to get good vistor to your site from search engine

3nd, submit rich and unique content and pictures to your blog.

4rd, then  “monetize earning” in the tool bar.

5th, then “creat new adsense account”in your blogger platform.

6th, you must work out on your vistor coming in because google adsense need good and unique vistor for you pr site for you to get adsense account,you must work on you traffic to your blog

Now, everything you need to do is wating, about 24 – 48 hours, you will get approved and have your own Google adsense account.

For you to maxi your profit you should have the high value keywords list, you can get the list of high paying adsense keywords, all $30 above per click.
  waiting for your reply

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