Friday, 25 November 2011


                                              HOW TO MAKE  MONEY ONLINE

 In this short post and going to show youthe various ways to make money online,because because money making as become sothing essential if you can check the search engine trends,people are looking for ways to make money with their daily incomeor to work at home as self employed.
                                   VARIOUS WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE


- ADSENSE: Is the leading advertisment network that offer contentual ads on websites or blog based on the niches of the can make money through adsense your blog or sites if visitors click on google ads.Google adsense is called pay per click(ppc),google adsense work with legimateve webmasters not spammer,write unque articles of 400-700 words to post on you blog,do not ask visitors to click on your ads,do not buy clickable traffic or by using software to click on google ads,if you can abide with their google company will be not be need your traffic to come from dofollow can make money by monetixzed your blog or websites with adsense ads on offer 75% sharing ratio,you can make money with adsense various ways


-CLICK BANK: Click bank is the oldest and largest marketplace where various promote are meant to promotes by affiliates client clickbank is why you can come to pick product and promote and get back commission on the sale,you can even used your social networking sites to referral people to your affiliates link.clickbank offer 25% to 75% commissions on product that you willing to promote by their affiliates client,clickabnk is marketplace that deal with digital product such as e- books,software,videos or c- d packages to sell online,you can get more about hot selling clickbank product her at,you can make huge money on clickbank if your drive visitors at least 5 per day that will buy the product that you are promoting...check that weekly or monthly is money.

-ADSENSE REVENUE SHARING SITES:Adsense revenue sharing site are hosted site,which is just for you to write unique articles or picture or real vidieo that has never be share before.even those site have their way of driving traffic ,it just for you to ame you hub to be the best readers among the hubbers,you will need to have unique artilces and am telling you to know more about the way the headlines work,if visitors click on those ads on you hub you will be credit into your adsense account.some are dealing with 50% -%0 sharing are some site to work with


-FREELANCER WRITERS: By writing with your human talent can make you more money into your pockets,writing as a freelancer writer is another way to make money,because if you can write articles of 500-1000 words which as never writing before can make you earn more money into you daily earners.their are many webmaster looking for people to write articles for them to used on their site or blog or for the news letter,you can even boost your writing skill to next level by applying for national news paper or to magazine paper,you can get job through freelancer site online or you can apply here at

-FLIPPING OF WEBSITES: Making money online as being in various areas but telling you another way to make money with traditional way of buying and selling for profits,flipping is another traditional way of real estate bussines that are visual,you have that your blog or site for sale online to earn profits if you are tired of it,you can even buy websites and wait for longer period of time to sale it back,flipping transcation happen every day,you can check for more information,you most know that for you to profits from flipping,you have work on the alexa ranking of the sites the google page index and know that it most have search engine friendly domain name and the age of the domain..

  with all of this you will make money online...wait for my next post

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Let that is like this,what does flipping means,can be described as the old traditional way of real visual estate of buying and selling for profits.why in the internet world as bring to the buying and selling of domain name for profits,here will talk about domain name (expired domain name)
Before buying expired domain name,you must know that,you first review the domain name,know what position that is it in Alexa ranking, the age of the domain name,the Google page index of the domain name,the inbound links and the outbound links that it have.the level of the traffic it have,then you must know it must have search engine friendly name...
STEP UP WEBSITE:With the level of traffic coming in from the expired domain name that you pick,you can profits from it by setting up websites on it and promotes product from it or you can monetized it with adverts on you site..because it have traffic source which is coming in with permanent link on it you can monetized it with Google adsense or text links ads or adbrite or kontera and you can used it to promotes affiliate product from amazon,clickbank or commission junction or is very easy to make money online,unless you know the tricks buy getting expired domain name you can make like $1500 monthly without doing hustler jobs.
PARKED: You can make money from the expired domain name that you pick,by you used it on parking domain sites..parking can descried as websites that did not have any articles content on will all have full of advertisement on it.the parking company will hosted it and place adverts on the domain name with the level of targeted traffic coming from the permanent links sources of the traffic will bring profits for you.send them to some parked company to monetized them for profits.
This the another way to make money from expired domains is for you to get them and turn it for profits by selling them to another buyer.
You can buy domain name in hand and wait a litter longer to find market for it,because another buyer will come as you have come before bescause is a real internet visual for you parking it or you step site on it or you can profits form it too by selling it back for another buyer.....expired domain name here

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How generateTraffic to Your Website

Getting traffic to website or blog will make you have more profit to you business or as a publisher, with the rate of visitors, the exposure you have in search engine.if you just start  new product to the market or real cash money making wizard, you need to get a a lot of traffic to your websites or blog. Let start with just 6 ways to get traffic to you sites

#1 Social media. Social media do great work and get a lot of friends in your social media following, you can used then to get a lot of visitors to you sites.the best is for you to creates good and curiosity headlines which will have a lot of attention, talk with them about the post and make them to be happy.

A lot of people used  social networking ideal and at the end get job available.e g, with  StumbleUpon post link it with your both Facebook and Twitter account you are making great process with three social sites at once.

#2 Article marketing. marketing you article do a lot of work if you can write to high and quality audience sites. with well unique articles and informative, rewrites them , and send them to good  directories will brings traffic that  you’re looking for. make sure to  include a bio box which  includes a derived to attentions and a link to your website will bring click through.

#3 Blogging. write good post to your blog or used  guest blogger  with a lot list of subscribers. e g social networking, if your post is informative, argumentative post  you will see visitors coming through to your website like crazy. Of course, you can even promotes it via(s)social media, it will double your traffic results.

#4 Video content. It’s great how  a video can bring a lot of visitors to your site.  print content, videos which have entertain, with litter argumentative post will brings value to your buzz. send to friends which can download on laptops and mobile devices around the world. A good video will bring traffic that you are looking for. Also, links some social media to advert your video, blog on it too, and it will double your traffic results.

#5 Partnerships. Partnering with a real or compatible business can work quite well to generate traffic fast. it just for you to come with  mutually agreementt. look for industry that are willing to work with and it will bring visitors to your sites. A partnership will  have  guest blogging or guest post on each other’s sites, swapping promotion or even promote each other  in your e zine.

#Pinging..pinging your websites will bring good result to your traffic finder,because does ping site will bring real and high quality targeted traffic to your sites and it will exposed your site to to other search engine and it will increase your alexa ranking

It’s real to bring visitors to your website quick. information have to being plan. To your success! Get new way to make money with your cellphone by receiving text message daily.join now here it a new company which as being since 5 years ago by the bret hudson who is the founder of dot .com,join here now...

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Many people  have be trying how to get the best and the most reliable money make money internest giant company ( google adsense) account, even it take days to get approved and in involve an uniquet rich content site.moreso, with just litter steps. I’ll tell you the best and reliable sorce and simple way to get an adsense account in this post, 100% real and just 1 or 2 days waiting.

                Tricks for adsense account in 2 days, what’s the fastest way?

 first step, you can go  google’s own blog which is and register an account.

3nd,pick low competitive keyword so that to get good vistor to your site from search engine

3nd, submit rich and unique content and pictures to your blog.

4rd, then  “monetize earning” in the tool bar.

5th, then “creat new adsense account”in your blogger platform.

6th, you must work out on your vistor coming in because google adsense need good and unique vistor for you pr site for you to get adsense account,you must work on you traffic to your blog

Now, everything you need to do is wating, about 24 – 48 hours, you will get approved and have your own Google adsense account.

For you to maxi your profit you should have the high value keywords list, you can get the list of high paying adsense keywords, all $30 above per click.
  waiting for your reply

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