Friday, 2 December 2011

6 tips to help traffic to your blog

Blogging as something essential now in the internet word,technorati's state of biosphere review more than 900,000 blog are posted every 24 hours,but by creating and effectively leveraging a blog to your business will bring more sale to your product and let your to do all personal and interactive way to your visitors.

                                6 tips to help your effective leverage your blog

Use your blog to increase credibility: Have in mind that your blog is well written to have your readers attention.make sure your visitors to ask question and to clear the doubt in their mind.arrange your blog so that to let your readers or customer to easily find what they are looking for with proper keyword tags and search options.

Use your blog to establish powerful word to mouth marketing: Create post that will invite comments,view comment on your blog your blog create extra content that will rank in search engine and bring the opinion of your readers than marketing copy communicated by the company selling products. Be an active part of the blogging community. People will see your comments and clock the link to find out more about you. Plus, you'll make friends in your area of interest.

Use it to boost your products sales: Post all information and how to used your product or services on your will bring visitors to your site,while inform them about the latest development of your company product time to time.

Use your blog as an education: Based on marketing tools blog means teacher,let your blog have good information to your visitors,to learn more about your company product.your blog must be a place where visitors send feedback or question back.

Blog also make great content management system: Update your blog post regular or you can used blog software to update your information up to date.When you start your blog, commit to posting once a week, or once every two weeks, and block out some time in your schedule to do that. Start with a low posting rate - if you find you have enough time to post more, it will be a pleasant surprise for your readers (as opposed to the disappointment of readers used to seeing you post every day when you start posting every two weeks).

Use it as tool for inter communication: let it be accessible to every one in your company,display all the latest events and promotional event and future plan or training of the company.